Tuesday, August 02, 2011

vote early & often

Shannon and I are mulling a change in FG's background, possibly to one of the templates shown here.

In the comments, vote for your two or three favorites. Viva democracy!


gwen said...

My favorites are:

To Taste (the first one)
A la Cuisine (the fourth one)
Restaurant Wall (fifth from the bottom; a dark horse candidate)

Pencefn said...

(1) Supper's ready
(2) Today's Menu
(3) A la cuisine

hefk said...

I like C'est Bon the best b/c there are no words
runners up -
To Taste
A la Cuisine

I love the food blog.

Alissa said...

I like:
1) Today's Menu
2) To Taste
3) A la Cuisine and C'est Bon

Kelly said...

To Taste is my favorite. I have a new post to come this weekend involving bourbon caramel sauce. Seriously, it's to die for.

gwen said...

So, hm. I made a few changes, but on my laptop screen, I can't see anything of the new design... is it just because it's narrow? What does it look like to you?

Alissa said...

On my screen it has the white background with the black spoons, but then it has the same blue-background central column with the posts that the current blog has.

gwen said...

Hm. Maybe it's just that my laptop screen is small? I changed the background color to a more refined gray but I honestly can't see enough to tell how it really looks. Weird. Let me know if this looks dumb and I'll change it again?

Alissa said...

Hm. I think it's ok. I like the grey better than the blue with this background. I'm trying to figure out if it's a little hard on the eyes, though.... for some reason I feel like I'm having to squint a bit to read it. Is the font size the same as before, or is it smaller?

hefk said...

it looks nice. I like the wide area for text in the center and the narrow area for graphics on the sides.
the grey is so refined. :)