Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Italian sausage, pea, mushroom risotto

This is adapted from a cookbook G bought me for my birthday last year (?), that I have been methodically working my way through.
It's one of those "if you have this and this, you should make this" sort of recipes.


If you have a pound of Italian sausage (19 oz)
and some frozen peas (a staple in our house)
and 3/4 c. arborio rice

Then you should make risotto. Naturally.

First things first. Get rid of those casings. Crumble up the sausage, and cook it. When it's about 3/4 of the way cooked, throw in some sliced mushrooms (I had about 10 loose mushrooms to use up), and cook until the sausage is cooked all the way and the mushrooms are sauteed. Set aside.

Heat 4 c. of chicken broth (I had homemade, but the stuff in the carton works fine) in a pan on low heat.

In a separate pan (sorry, this is the sort of recipe that makes a lot of dishes), heat a few tsp of olive oil. Add the arborio rice, and stir to coat. To that, add 1/2 c. white wine, and cook until almost all absorbed.

From there, set about making risotto. You know the drill, yes? Add the chicken broth one ladle at a time, cook until almost absorbed. Repeat. Tease people on Facebook that you're making risotto for dinner. Ask your husband to make salad while you painstakingly stir and stir and stir.

When the rice is cooked and nice and creamy, add a healthy amount of Parmesan cheese. (or at least 1/2 cup) Also add about 1/2-1 c. defrosted peas, and the Italian sausage/mushrooms. Stir it all up.

Note that this is not pretty risotto. It sort of looks like hamburger helper or rice a roni, only with Arborio rice and Italian sausage.
It tastes, however, amazing. And the kids will eat peas and mushrooms without even realizing they're doing it. Honest.

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