Monday, November 13, 2006

Pomegranate Soup

I found an article on that talked about pomegranates. At the bottom of the post were three recipes, including one for pomegranate soup. We made it last night, and it turned out really well. Geoff made several remarks about how good it was, and we're likely to make it again before they go out of season in January.

A word to the wise: As the article says, pomegranates are a "labor-intensive fruit." It takes a little time to get the seeds out of the darned thing, but the reward is worth it. Look to the sidebar for hints on how to seed it without too much of a mess.

Here's the link:

FYI: We seeded two pomegranates, and got about 2 cups of seeds. We still have some leftover, after making the soup. I think Geoff is going to put them on his salads this week.


shannon said...

You know, you can buy just the seeds. I saw them in the Asian market I always shop in, just this week. I didn't buy any, because I couldn't figure out what I'd do with them.

Mary Heart said...

Read the Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Mehran. The recipie for "Pomegranate Soup" and Red Lentil Soup are amazing and easy to make