Wednesday, July 22, 2009

vegan brunch

We have friends coming to visit twice in the coming week (on the way to and from some destination further north), and they are all vegan -- two people our age, their 3-year-old daughter, and on the way back, one of their moms. And we will definitely be making brunch for them Saturday morning. Brunch with no... eggs... milk... cream cheese... uh...

Here are my ideas so far: fruit, toast, potatoes. Can you guys help me elaborate?


Alissa said...

Two of my favorite breakfast items are (or can easily become) vegan! I have one of these two things almost every single day for breakfast.

1) Oatmeal - I use old fashioned oats, and I make mine with milk because it tastes better than with water. BUT - you can just as easily make it with water or soy milk. Then, I add a spoonful of apricot preserves or maple syrup. You could also add fresh fruit or brown sugar, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

Or, you could make steel cut oats in a crockpot over night. Mix with water and dried fruit. Will be ready in the morning.

2) Smoothies! I typically use milk, vanilla yogurt and frozen fruit. But, try vanilla soy milk and frozen fruit and see what happens. When I make them they're pretty thick, so I'm thinking maybe just frozen fruit and vanilla soy milk would make a thinner but still smoothie-like consistency. The frozen fruit thickens it up a bit. Or...maybe there's a vegan version of yogurt?

3) I found this website with vegan breakfast options -

It looks like you can make french toast with some kind of wet fruit ingredient and soy milk instead of eggs and milk. There's a recipe for banana french toast and I saw one somewhere else for pumpkin french toast. Both used soy milk, the pureed fruit, cinnamon, etc. Make like regular french toast. There are also some muffin recipes on there that don't call for eggs.

Or, what about granola? I guess you'd have to make sure it didn't have honey in it, though. Do they eat honey?

Alissa said...

Here are recipes for vegan pancakes and french toast:

Kelly said...

Tofu scramble with hashbrowns and toast? I'm a big fan of oatmeal and I eat steel-cut oats 5 days/week and just alternate the fruit I put in. Also, it's very forgiving.

Try for more ideas.