Wednesday, September 15, 2010

herb-crusted chicken with feta sauce

I stealthily copied this out of a cooking magazine in a bookstore, because who has two thumbs and is still trying to use up the ridiculous amount of leftover feta and refuses to pay $11.99 for one magazine? This girl!

The chicken is actually sort of an afterthought -- the sauce is the star of the show. We also put the sauce on orzo with lemon juice and chopped basil and green beans that I'd sauteed in the same pan as the chicken, with the leftover pieces of crust and olive oil.

Feta sauce:
Combine 1/2 t lemon rind, the juice from two lemons, 4 T olive oil, some chopped mint and black pepper (no salt for sure), and whisk together. Add 3.5 oz of feta (the recipe called for reduced fat; I just threw in a handful of what we had) and whisk again. It will be lumpy and thick, and that is fine and delicious.

Combine 2/3 c panko and 2 T Italian seasoning (I used oregano and rosemary) on a flat pie plate or dish. Sprinkle four chicken breast halves with salt and pepper and dredge.

Heat a few T of olive oil and cook the chicken for 5 minutes until brown on one side. Keep cooking/turning until they're done all the way through. Mine we so thick that I put the cover on for the end to make sure they were cooked through.

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