Sunday, June 12, 2011

mango soba update

A small note to those of us trying to eat more veg, as Kelly would say... this soba noodle salad is delicious with slaw replacing some or all of the noodles. I made it with just one little bundle of noodles, a whole bag of broccoli slaw, and half a bag of cabbage/carrot mixture, and it's great -- actually provides a delicious crunch and you don't miss the rest of the noodles.

I cooked the chicken in a bit of the marinade, too, and diced it into the salad/noodle/mango mixture for some protein. Yum.


Anonymous said...

Broccoli slaw is so delicious. I like this update!

(...and I can't wait to share this recipe with my family-on-the-go...heh.)

(FYI, my word verification for this comment is "tably." As in, This tably recipe is most easily eaten using silverware.")

hefk said...

that "anonymous" comment was me.
duh. sorry.

Alissa said...

Lol. For a second I thought those people were back, right as I was thinking about how nice it was that they finally went away. :)

gwen said...

Hahaha. Me too -- I totally fell for it. Family-on-the-go!

My word verification is "smsunks." As in, a whole pack of smsunks would enjoy this tably recipe.