Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Slow cooker chicken stock

Okay, so let’s talk about those chickens I roasted.
I stripped the meat off the bones (and ate a lot of the skin), and put in a ziploc bag for recipes later in the week.
And was left with two lovely chicken carcasses. Mmmm…carcass. My chickens still had a little meat on the bones, because I’m too lazy to pick them completely clean. And I didn’t bother picking the wings, again, because I’m lazy.
I saved all the drippings from those chickens, too, because that right there is liquid gold. Gold I didn’t turn into gravy, since we weren’t actually eating the chickens when I cooked them.

Into the crock pot went:
1 chicken carcass, plus any of the skin from the chicken I didn’t eat.
Half the chicken drippings (since I roasted 2)
1 carrot, snapped in half (I didn’t bother peeling)
1 stalk of celery, snapped in half

Now, you could add all kinds of things at this point, if you like. Peppercorns or a bay leaf or an onion. I saw something that suggested parsnip, and I just happen to have one lonely parsnip in the fridge. It’ll go into the next batch. Because I used this specific chicken recipe, with the spice rub that was mostly bay leaves, I left it as is.

Cover with water (I think I used about 10 cups). Set the crock pot on low, for 10 hours.

In the morning the whole house smelled like chicken broth. (which is sort of weird when you first wake up, but smelled really, really good) I let the crock pot cool, then stuck in the fridge. After dinner, I skimmed all the fat off the top (don’t need that), discarded the solids, and drained the broth. I froze it in Ziploc bags (easier storage, and they tell me it’s easier for defrosting), in two cup measurements.
Since I had two chickens, I did this twice. That's enough stock for a good long time.

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