Wednesday, February 01, 2012

warning: 'it tastes like hot fruit'

I am sure Joy the Baker would never lead us astray, but I tried her roasted winter citrus last night, and I must have done something wrong, because... no. Just no. Not sure if it was too much of the herbs de provence (that Alissa brought me from France!) or too little salt or oil or sugar or what, but it was really vile and wrong.

"It tastes like hot fruit" is a direct quote from J, and it was not a compliment. (He ate it, of course, because he eats everything, but I don't think he wants to repeat the experience.)


hefk said...


sounds like an '80s jazz fusion group. "Hot Fruit"

Alissa said...

Yeah, that looked weird. I don't know what's going on with her... I used to want to make everything she posted, but not so much anymore.

gwen said...

Yeah, I don't know... and we have a ridiculous amount of citrus fruit right now and I thought it actually sounded kind of unusual and good. But no.

Kelly said...

Yeah....I took one look at that and said no. Just no.