Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Cranky Post from Shannon

For the past several weeks, we have noticed an upswing in the number of spam posts from employees of Your Smart Kitchen. We have been in contact with the company on several occasions, and have been told they are only to provide "value added" comments -- we have not noticed any "value added" comments as of yet. We have asked them repeatedly to stop spamming our blog, and are told repeatedly they will do so -- and then they reappear. Now. It's not so far-fetched to make the leap that they're doing this because they're hoping you, our readers (all like 4 of you out there) would somehow see their posts and want to shop at their online store. Personally, and I can't tell you what to do for yourselves, I won't be shopping there and would encourage my friends not to shop there. If they can't follow our requests to stop spamming this food blog, I have concerns about other areas of their business. Again, these are my personal concerns and beliefs -- not any sort of business advice at all. I will be combing through the blog and deleting their comments this weekend. And I'm irritated, because they can't follow a simple request. So there you have it. And now, back to food.


Becky said...

This dish sounds great for a weeknight meal for my busy family. Yum!

(Note sarcasm dripping from your computer screen.)

shannon said...

Four hours to make braised short ribs? let me whip that up for my kids after working all day!

hefk said...

a recipe for the ages. i will put it my collection immediately. my kids are crying because they can't wait to eat it! wow!

the short ribs/busy family does take the cake. the other one that I found so funny was the, "can't wait to put this on my dinner table" comment about kelly's chocolate biscotti. mmm hmm...riiiight.