Saturday, April 30, 2011

spicy peanut orange sauce

I made this to go to on a stirfry that also included Alissa's delightful baked tofu, which made me realize that with tofu, you can throw the leftover marinade directly into a sauce without worrying about cooking it first the way you do with chicken marinade. Then you feel pleasantly non-wasteful like Laura Ingalls Wilder.

The amounts aren't really important -- I really just threw stuff in -- so I wouldn't necessarily call this a recipe, but I liked the combination and wanted to remember it.

For the tofu marinade:

few glugs of soy sauce
few glugs of rice vinegar
one or two glugs of this Wegman's stirfry sauce I like, although teriaki or something just a little bit thick and sweet is probably good

Once the tofu is off baking or frying or whatever, combine leftover marinade with:

about 1/2 c orange juice
a few big spoonfuls of peanut butter
little more soy sauce & rice vinegar
squirt or two of sriracha or other spicy thing
large-ish dash of red pepper
dash of ground ginger
dash of garlic powder
fistful of cilantro

Whizz it all up with the immersion blender and then pour over your stirfry. The sauce is pretty thin and I had a whole lot of it, which was kind of nice because it really soaked into the rice and coated all the veggies.

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Alissa said...

Yum. That sounds good. I usually just eat the baked tofu as is... I never really thought about tossing it into a stir-fry. We don't eat stir-fry very often but I'll have to try this, especially now that CSA season is about to start again and I'll be over-run with veggies. :)