Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Panqueques de Minimos, aka "Peace Corps pancakes"

This wekeend we visited friends from college. They were in the Peace Corps the first two years of their marriage. Wow, right? She made these pancakes for all of us for breakfast using a recipe she had written down in Spanish in the margin of her Peace Corps cookbook.
Between the oatmeal, eggs, milk and sweet potato/banana, the protein and complex carbs will keep you going for a while. Also, I love the word "panqueque."

mezclar juntos y dejar por 5 minutos: (mix together and leave for 5 minutes)
- 2 C leche (milk)
- 2 huevos (eggs)
- 1 T azucar (sugar)
- 1 T aciete (oil)
- 1 T vainilla (vanilla)
- 1 1/2 C avena (oatmeal)

mezclar juntos:
- 1 1/2 C harina (flour)
- 1 t polvo de horno (baking powder)
- 1/2 t sal (salt)

- 4 minimos, puré (bananas, mashed) (NOTE: my friend used cooked sweet potato pureed with a stick blender so I did this too because family loved them.)

combinar todos y cocinar (NOTE: The batter is fairly thick, almost like muffin batter. My friend made pancakes on her griddle. I made waffles.)

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