Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am visiting a friend on Saturday who recently had her first child. I offered to bring food packaged up to put in her freezer so she has easy meals to pull out when she doesn't feel like cooking. She gave me no suggestions or food items to stay away from. She is not breast-feeding, so there are no concerns about foods that might not agree with baby.

Any suggestions for foods that freeze and reheat well? I was going to stay away from soups because the weather was getting warmer, but now we've had a few cold and rainy days, so maybe soups would be good.

I think I will also make a batch of muffins, and maybe a batch of brown rice so that she can have a quick side or base for adding fresh foods to.

Any other ideas?



Alice said...

Things I've put in my own freezer for when baby comes in a couple of weeks:

macaroni cheese
shepherds pie
big batches of bolognaise that I can use for lasagne or just spag bol
beef stew
chicken and bacon stew

Even if not breastfeeding, lots of little cakes and snacks are really lovely!! Scones freeze well and are a nice snack.

Hope this helps!

Melissa said...

Lasagne or baked ziti, perhaps frozen in two smaller pans instead of one large one.

I second Alice on the snacks--what about hand pies or homemade hot pockets? has a recipe I've been wanting to try...

Kelly said...

I vote for soups. They can be pulled out and allowed to defrost in the fridge the day or so before. Or defrosted fast in a water bath or microwave. Soups with pasta may not be the best bet, tho, because the pasta can become mushy. Peanut stew freezes beautifully as does corn chowders.