Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jacqueline's Cabbage Salad

When I didn't know what to do with my CSA napa cabbage, Gwen forwarded me this recipe from her friend Jacqueline. Jacqueline's recipe didn't have any quantities, so I put estimates in parentheses for what I used. This tasted good right away, but I'm guessing it will be even better tomorrow as the flavors meld.

red and white cabbage, sliced thin (I used one head of Napa cabbage)
shredded carrots (I used 2 large carrots)
cilantro, chopped thin (small handful)
spring onions, sliced (I used 4 scallions)
sugar snap peas or snow peas (I used about a cup and a half)
mung bean sprouts (I didn't have any of these)
orange segments (I used 2 cans of mandarin oranges)
chow mein noodles (didn't have any)

You can also add/substitute jicama, almonds, soybeans, parseley, mint, etc

peanut butter (I used about half a cup), rice vinegar, soy sauce, ginger paste (I used powdered ginger), minced garlic (I used about a tsp of bottled), sesame oil, salt (I didn't add any). (I just used a splash or two of everything, and then adjusted to taste - a little more of this or that, etc).

I (Jacqueline) sometimes add mirin, sesame seeds, lemon grass paste, chilli pepper etc


gwen1234 said...

Yay, I'm glad it worked! I still haven't made it myself but need to try it soon...

Kelly said...

Yummy! I added a splash of soy sauce and a tsp of thai chili paste. So good and refreshing on a hot summer night.