Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oldies but goodies

This will probably come as a shock to exactly none of you, but... our food blog is pretty great. :) With my recent lack of cooking/shopping/recipe-browsing time, I am starting to rely on ol' Food Goodness as my main source of recipes -- just typing in the one or two ingredients I have and then making whatever comes up.

Multiple recipes from the archives have come through for me in recent days:

chickpeas, couscous and swiss chard
blueberry crumb bars (I did mine with strawberry and rhubarb and they are GOOD)
puffed rice power bars (these tasted good but fell apart -- don't skimp on the marshmallows, says Kelly)
curry grain salad (I made it with wheatberries)
chickpeas in tomato sauce with feta over polenta

You guys rule. Thanks for four years (!!) of recipes and for making my cooking life a little brighter. Maybe we should institute a new sidebar or something that resurrects old recipes from the archives we've rediscovered?

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Kate said...

Full-time studenthood has meant that I haven't been cooking properly (and thus not posting) for the past few months, but I fully intend to make up for that this summer.

I'm the same, Gwen - this is the first place I come now when I'm looking for something to make.

Yay Food Goodness!!!