Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Greek Lamb Kofta

This is part of my ongoing plan to repurpose leftovers into a different meal, so as not to throw anything away.
Better on the food budget, better on the environment (or so I tell myself) to not be throwing food away. And a good lesson to the kids on being resourceful, and not wasteful.
Anyway. We had a roasted leg of lamb on Sunday for our belated Easter dinner. Not my first pick, but my Gran insists. And I had all this leftover lamb. I wasn't in the mood for lamb stew or lamb shepherd's pie, so I went looking.
We had this with some hummus, tzatziki, pita (store-bought), and a tomato/cucumber salad.

This recipe doesn't use measurements, because I didn't use them. But if you like, the original recipe does use measurements.

Some leftover lamb. I cut up all the lamb off the bones and threw it in the food processor. I pulsed the lamb, to get it to a ground meat consistency. And then I added one egg (to bind it) and some ground coriander until it smelled good. And a little sea salt. I pulsed it again, to get it all mixed up.
(Note here: depending on how much lamb you've got, you may need more than one egg. One was plenty for me.)
After it was all mixed, I divided the lamb mixture into 8 portions and made little patties.
Heat some oil (veg, sunflower, peanut, etc) in a skillet and fry on both sides, until it's browned.

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