Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Apricot bbq chicken wings

Ernie tells me I've made a recipe like this before. I contend I haven't made one exactly like this, and a search of this here food blog shows one apricot chicken that I did make, and two other postings for the exact same baked apricot chicken recipe.
We like apricot chicken, apparently.
This, however, was super easy and not on the food blog. And I'm lazy, so I didn't follow the recipe exactly. If you're interested in being precise, I encourage you to go here and do it the "right way."
Or make it like this.

1 jar apricot preserves
1 c. bbq sauce (whatever kind is lurking in your fridge)
at least 3 pounds chicken wings (partially frozen)
The partially frozen chicken, by the way, is my ace in the hole when it comes to cooking chicken in the slow cooker -- otherwise it always tastes really dried out and overcooked to me.

Put the chicken wings in the slow cooker. Pour bbq sauce and preserves on top. Cover, leave alone for eight hours.
Eat. Listen to your daughters make happy sounds about tasty chicken. (that last part is optional)


hefk said...

My friend Dannie posted a similar Pioneer Woman recipe on her FB pg. I like that yours is a slow cooker option. Even better.


preschool said...

I don't have a slow cooker, but this sounds delicious! I think I will try it anyway.