Saturday, January 01, 2011

lime-y guacamole

Happy 2011! I brought this guac to our little new year's party last night. I know we already have multiple delicious guac-tastic recipes on this site, but I figured one more can't hurt, and it's a little different because of the dairy. It's also one of my old standbys that I always make without a recipe.

3 avocados, preferably really ripe ones, but this recipe is actually forgiving of under-ripeness
juice of 2 small limes
half a small onion, diced very fine
a few T sour cream or Greek yogurt, just enough to make it creamy and light green
salt & pepper
something spicy (optional; can be crushed red pepper or chopped jalepenos or some of that Thai chili garlic sauce, which is my favorite)
a dash of cumin (optional)
chopped cilantro (optional)

Using a fork, smash everything together in a bowl. It can be as chunky or as smooth as you like; I enjoy a bit of chunk.

Keep adding lime juice until you can actually identify the lime taste, which I think is the key to the deliciousness of this guac. I also think the acid help make up for sub-par avocados.

Eat with tortilla chips or bread or carb of your choosing. If you're not serving it right away, keep one or two of the avocado pits in with the guac and cover tightly to avoid browning.

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Alissa said...

This is fantastic- I just came here to look for a guac recipe to make right now, and I was thinking "oh, I'm sure there are several on there...." and when I opened the page this was right there on top! Going to go make it right now!