Monday, January 03, 2011

sweet & spicy stirfry

I just made this sauce up, loosely based on a WW recipe (I think you need a login to access that link, though) and am feeling mighty proud of myself.

2 T minced ginger
2 large cloves of garlic, minced
2 T mirin
2 T jarred hoisin sauce
2 T soy sauce
several dashed Thai chili-garlic sauce
crushed red pepper

Mix everything together. Saute veggies and protein (I used string beans, mushrooms, a yellow pepper, onions, and chicken) and stir 3/4 of the sauce in to heat through at the end. I reserved 1/4 of the sauce to mix in with the rice noodles, which I ran under cold water and cut up with scissors, then mixed in with the rest of the stirfry.


hefk said...

I want somma dis.

I also congratulate you on your very cutting edge (edgy?) use of the word "protein." Someone's been watching Top Chef! ;)

gwen said...

Ha! Yes, yes I have.

The FLAVOR PROFILE of this is ASIAN-INFLUENCED and you should put the rice noodles in a LIQUID NITROGEN BATH! And then top them with a YUZU GELEE!