Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chocolate-peanut spread

Do not pass go. Do not stop to think.
Instead, gather up all the ingredients for this and make it immediately.
Oh yum.
Katie keeps licking her tasting spoon and saying "delicious!" It really, really is.

Smitten Kitchen's (of course) chocolate-peanut spread.

You can use already roasted peanuts she says, but I bought some raw peanuts from the nice folks at Nuts Online. Cheap, and they ship/deliver the very next day.

You want this. Trust me.


Alissa said...

Gah! I was hoping no one else would see that recipe, post that recipe, talk about that recipe... so I could just forget it exists and no have to make it.

shannon said...

Hahaha. You have to make it now. Have to!
So good. So simple. So, so good. (and worth the extra miles I'll spend on the treadmill)